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  • joshishollywood:


    editorial design antics, pt. 2

    this looks like a normal magazine spread right



    if you look really closely on one of the melons i put a really tiny pterodactyl right in the middle


    no one noticed

    and they actually published it

    now there are 2000 copies of this magazine featuring this tiny pterodactyl and i’m the one at fault

    oh my god am i a horrible person or what

    If I could live one day the way you live your entire life

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  • blackcatwildfox:

    Scout Willis, arguably one of the coolest chicks around, recently posted these photos on twitter after instagram deleted her account for breaking community guidelines even though men like Dan Bilzerian are totally free to objectify women’s bodies and don’t get any form of censorship whatsoever. Scout’s protest is more about the ability to post freely on istagram, its about fighting for the right for women to be able to have control over their bodies. Think about it, it’s 2014 and women are still shamed for breast feeding in public yet women are constantly objectified and sexualized in the media. #freethenipple

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  • neptunain:

    what if you tried to call off of work and you are just like “im sick today” and your boss was like “i know dude you’re one of the sickest bros here” and you were like “no i mean it im ill” and your boss says “yeah you the illest” 

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  • shouldnt:


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  • confirmance:

    i wonder if anyone else in the world has the same password as me

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  • vashedanbitch:

    never ever ever undermine someone’s coming out because even coming out to your accepting best friend is terrifying, coming out publicly is so so so brave and difficult to do. never ever ever dismiss the difficulty of coming out just because “everyone already knew” and “it was obvious”.

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